Quickie, anyone?

I met this 47 year old gal last night who said she spends a lot of time on conference calls, not speaking for long periods of time.  She also said she hasn’t worked out in about five months.  She was too busy with work and couldn’t find time before or after to squeeze in some physical exercise.  When I told her about my 5 minute fat burning workouts, she noted she could easily close her door during conference calls, mute the talk button, and follow along for a quickie – for my 5 minutes of exercise, that is.  Or two or three quickies that would certainly put a spark into her day.  So if you’re too busy with life and can’t find the time to workout, take heed and increase your productivity during conference calls with Workout #32.  And don’t forget to hit the mute button!  Enjoy your quickie – R

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