Tola Yoga

Created by fitness and yoga master Rich Tola to give you the best yoga workout in the world, Tola Yoga challenges all students from beginner to advanced with a modern-day fitness style of yoga that keeps you strong, flexible and injury-free.

Since becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2006, Rich has taught more than 30,000 students in over 2,500 classes throughout the U.S. His commitment to health and fitness spans more than four decades while his passion for teaching yoga inspires all students to respect their bodies, and most importantly, to think, speak and feel positive in every aspect of their lives.

Tola Yoga workouts focus on precision of posture and body alignment while incorporating five key elements: yoga stretches, abdominals, core strengthening, balancing and foundation poses.

Rich currently teaches every Saturday at 9a at Attitude Fitness DTLA in the Intercontinental Hotel. Charity, corporate and private classes upon request.

Free classes and lessons below plus Rich Tola’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts: 100 Days in a Row can also be found at:

Tola Yoga Testimonials:

“Thank you so much for filling our little Seattle yoga class with such wonderful joy & skills. You are AMAZING and I have learned a ton!” – Sallie B.

“When I walk into Rich’s class feeling emotionally weak, without a doubt, every week, at the end of the hour, I feel stronger and more confident.” – Adriana R.

“It’s very well-structured, plus I get a great full-body workout every time I take Rich’s class. He’s the best!” – Vika L.

“Rich is a master at sequencing poses. My body always feels great for hours after class.” – Lauren A.

“After 10 years, I took my practice to a new level when I started taking Tola Yoga classes.” – Rhonda C.

“Tola Yoga is effective in strengthening and stretching every part of your body, plus it’ll make you sweat!” – Ron W.

“Rich’s classes are transformative.”  – Jeremy S.

“Thank you for your classes and training this past year. I spent six weeks after knee surgery without putting any weight on my left leg, and because of your super long standing sequences, my right leg was strong enough to carry me throughout. For that I am grateful.” – Ananya D.

“We’ll be very sad to see you go… I get RAVE reviews about your class.” – Manager, TRIBE Fitness in Seattle.
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