Rich Tola – Films

Skateboard Bandits – Winner, 2019 Global Shorts Awards

A character-driven thriller about a band of skateboarders who conspire to take revenge into their own hands – the second time around – and risk life and limb to rob a bank.

Payback…it’s a bitch on wheels.

12-minute drama written, directed and produced by Rich Tola. Starring Anna Christensen, Jonny Haug, Jasmine Sim, Anthony Lazcano, Ben Thomas, Anthony Rajanayagam and Rich Tola.

Zen Diaries: The Lockdown – Winner, 2019 Global Shorts Awards

Ten years after his wife was killed in a drive-by shooting gone bad, former hot-shot attorney turned yoga master, Bobby D’Angelo, is dealing with another shooter in his life. This time causing a lockdown in his LA studio. Zen Boulevard is “where self-doubt goes to die”, and it’s also where tempers start to flare among students and strangers as Bobby vows to protect his family while trying hard to inspire – and not insult – his guests with his tough love wisdom.

20-minute dramedy written, directed and produced by Rich Tola. Starring Kayla Moore, Jonny Haug, Romi Valenti, Anita Davenport, Jennifer Cheung, A.P. Moses and Rich Tola.


Written, directed, and produced by Rich Tola, the PG-rated romantic dramadie, Boulevard Zen, co-stars Stephanie Drapeau, Whitmer Thomas and Troy-Titus Adams. The film premiered at The Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood on December 9, 2009.

Plot: After losing his wife, Bobby D’Angelo goes through a drastic career and lifestyle change. Bobby discovers the powers of Yoga and uses its principles to help him cope with his daily struggles while inspiring others to overcome their own challenges.


Here’s the theme song, Life’s Boulevard, composed and performed by award winning singer-songwriter Erick Macek (from The Voice and LA Music Awards Best Male Vocalist of the Year).