Check out the best of the best…the Top 25 Rich Picks from the LATalkRadio shows in 2014.

Queers & Steers in Texas! Who can forget that infamous line from the 1982 classic, Officer and a Gentleman. Show on October 30th with experts Chanida & Emily of Vault Crossfit.


The $10 Million Man: Cool story from Rich’s past about his high-flying Internet company, Show on Halloween featuring singer/songwriter, Poison Ivory.


Why does Mark Zuckerberg wear only T-shirts & Hoodies? Funny story about the billionaire founder of Facebook. Show on November 7th also talking 20 Ways to Be 20 Years Younger.


America’s Going ‘Up in Smoke’ with Marijuana! Who can forget the hilarious Cheech & Chong in their debut film in 1978. Show on November 4th with Psychologist, Erin Mason.


Meet Cancer Survivor Poison Ivory: Get inspired with Grunge-Soul singer/songwriter Poison Ivory’s awesome story of overcoming Cancer and living her dream. Special Halloween show.


Current Events: Shark addicts getting too up close & personal with a bunch of sharks…now that’s crazy! Show on September 8th featuring Celebrity Stylist & Beauty expert, John Francis.


Throwback Thursday: Remembering the wild & crazy times at the Philly nightclub, Black Banana, in the early 80’s. Show on October 2nd featuring Past Life Specialist Noreh Millar.


Hilarious Conversation: Tola’s guest co-host Johanna thanks her Mom for blessing her with a big booty, i.e., her Junk in the Trunk., with Rich getting in on the action. Show on October 1st featuring the Brand Ambassador for the 99 Cent Store, Papa Joe Aviance – who lost 250 pounds in only 18 months by eating exclusively at the Stores and walking 5 miles everyday.


Get Your S#!T Together Award: Two people in Florida having sex on the street because “there was no where else to go”. Now they definitely deserve the infamous Get Your S#!T Together Award…for sure! Show on October 2nd featuring Past Life Specialist & Author, Noreh Millar.


Strange But True: Yes, there’s a Virtual Reality company out there making a game where kids actually play with boobs! Show on October 2nd featuring Past Life Specialist, Noreh Millar.


Celebrity Interview: What does Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Award-winning Celebrity Photographer & Director, Scott Nathan. Show on October 9th.


The Fast Five:  At the end of every show Rich gets to know his guests even better with ‘The Fast Five’. Show on September 8th featuring Celebrity Stylist & Beauty expert, John Francis.


Acoustic Friday: Rich introduces the beautiful and talented and 21 year-old singer/songwriter Cooper Phillip. Show on October 17th featuring live music from Cooper’s new EP, Walk a Mile.


Expert Interview: What does it mean to “consciously date” and doesn’t everyone have that ideal soul-mate somewhere in the Universe? Show on September 23rd featuring Relationship Expert & Life Coach, Jennifer Gaynor Yaker.


Current Events: Nutty pizza anyone? And we’re not talking the kind that squirrels like to hide! Show on September 17th with a special tribute to the iconic entertainer, Joan Rivers (RIP).


Hilarious Conversation: What does it feel like to wake-up (hung-over) next to a beautiful young woman on your beach blanket nearby Lucy the Elephant in Atlantic City? Show on October 10th with guest co-host Shannon Dee and featuring the band, Kids on McCadden.


Celebrity Interview: Adversity teaches us life lessons and comes in many different shapes and sizes. It also “makes you a better person” for all the suffering you went through, says best selling Author Jen Sincero. Show on October 14th featuring Jen’s new book, You Are a Badass.


Strange But True: Tattoos have experienced “an extraordinary epochal change in the last 25 years”, so say the experts. Show on September 23rd featuring Relationship Expert & Life Coach, Jennifer Gaynor Yaker.


Current Events: Two High School teachers (aka Cougars) getting arrested for having sex with their students takes a comedic twist! Show on October 3rd with guest co-host Johanna and featuring some killer live music from singer/songwriter, Hughie Stone Fish.


Celebrity Interview: Who says you can’t barter your way to beautiful breasts! Show on September 8th featuring Celebrity Stylist & Beauty expert, John Francis.


GYST Award: Who better than 18-time Gold Medal Olympian Swimmer, Michael Phelps, to receive the Get Your S#!T Together Award for his second DUI. Show on


Current Events: The oldest worker in America tossing those large bags of dog food at WalMart…no kidding! Show on October 9th featuring Celebrity Photographer, Scott Nathan.


Celebrity Interview: Meet best-selling Author Jen Sincero (You Are A Badass) and learn “How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life”. Show on October 14th


Celebrity Interview: Rich and John Francis, creator of John Francis Beauty, talk Big Wave surfing Evil Knievel-style on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Show on September 8th


Current Events: Females referees in the NBA…awesome! Show on October 1st with guest co-host Johanna and featuring the Brand Ambassador for the 99 Cent Stores, Papa Joe Aviance – who lost 250 pounds by eating exclusively at the Stores and walking 5 miles everyday.