Friends and honesty, do they match?

I was speaking with a friend this morning about telling your best friend something that’s true, but may hurt their feelings.  Or worse yet, may drive your best friend away, especially if they’re in a difficult place in their life.  Like my friend’s best friend, who’s responding to adversity with an eating disorder.  The thing is, with friends it’s oftentimes difficult to be brutally honest, especially if the truth is difficult to swallow.   And since the truth can be as painful to give as it is to receive, it’s always best to proceed with sensitivity and compassion.  For those of you who have seen my film, causes and effects of procrastination essay watch drug trafficking in the united states essays purpose of seroquel essay topics about frankenstein clean earth green essay 911 jet fuel argumentative essay benefits of community service essay questions prednisone 30 mg dose for sinusitis essay format steps cialis 5 ulotka j ai tout essaye isabelle filliozat buttermilk falls newspaper vandergrift pa biblical worldview essay on romans 1 8 the natural world side effects the drug lipitor on men make a college application ai research paper topics sildenafil vademecum espaa report model essay viagra im ausland rezeptfrei big bucks pharma essay format buy a paper for college dave sedaris essays click contrast essay introduction examples source url Boulevard Zen, you know that my character, Bobby D’Angelo, inspires others to overcome adversity while communicating the truth through example.  He uses the healing powers of yoga to help students deal with their depression, infertility, hypertension and anorexia.  So be sensitive with your truth telling, especially if it involves something serious and beyond your expertise.  And always encourage your friends to make that mind-body connection with some form of fitness, especially yoga.  So enjoy restoring your body with today’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout #77 – Restorative Legs, Core & Abs II  – R

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