Cultivate self-discipline

The topic of my horoscope today was self-discipline and how no one is born with it, but is something that must be fostered.  I believe self-discipline is something you can cultivate everyday with conscious thoughts, feelings and actions.  And since actions lead to results, than it’s best we take positive and deliberate actions on anything in our lives that will lead to positive and desired results.  In the case of physical well being, it’s therefore important to take action that will lead to a healthier, leaner and longer life.   By embracing a daily fitness program, whether it be walking, biking, weight-lifting, yoga, or any other preferred form of exercise, you’ll be cultivating self-discipline everyday in the realm of physical well being.  Which also helps strengthen your mental well being.  So if you’ve already broken that New Year’s resolution to workout every day, don’t despair.  Leave those negative thoughts behind and start your new routine today.  Because who doesn’t have 15 minutes a day to achieve a strong body and a clear mind?  Enjoy your workout!  R

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  1. Hi it’s Karen again Rich’s sister- it’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since I started the 15 minute workouts, and I have to tell you I’m seeing results. No kidding my legs, abs, shoulders and arms are looking toned and lean. My 11 year old daughter just said to me, mom is the yoga working because you look thinner, and I’m proud of you. All these years I have been instilling positively into my children and my home. But this time she responded to me with words of motivation. What could be more motivation than your daughter noticing your efforts!!! I know its working and the 12-15 lbs. will be off in no time. I’ll keep you posted-K

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