A good hurt

I just got off the phone with my sister who’s been doing my fat burning workouts for past two weeks.  She says she loves them and after every workout she feels the burning which she eloquently calls “a good hurt”. She especially favors Thursday’s core and abdominal workout – which she usually does in addition to whatever day she’s on.  Something I highly recommend, as you can certainly tell, since I’m quite the fan of working your abs every single day!  And today she made it a family affair by having my niece (age 11) and my nephew (age 10) join her for Sunday’s workout.  They loved it too!  So if you’re looking for something the whole family can do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, well there you have it – 15 minute fat burning workouts for anyone of any size, weight, age or gender.  And I’ll see you tomorrow – R

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  1. Hi it’s Karen, Rich’s sister- I starting doing Rich’s 15 minute workouts 2 weeks ago (right before the holiday) and I have to share with you I FEEL FANTASTIC. It’s more than a workout it’s a positive life style change. Not only do I notice my body starting to condition I also notice I’m LESS stressed and more relaxed during the day. I’m constantly relaxing my shoulders and focusing on my deep breathing which in tune keeps my mind clear and body relaxed, it is true a STRONG BODY IS A CLEAR MIND. I plan on doing the workouts everyday along with a 5 mile power walk. My intention is to loose 12 lbs, however I did not realize in addition with doing so I am also bettering myself as a person. As I stated earlier I’m more relaxed, positive and I have a better frame of mind. So with that said never under estimate the power of a good hurt. I’ll keep you posted with my progress- and always remember (as I tell my kids) it’s not the destination enjoy the journey. So when you’re in one of Rich’s difficult yoga posses remember to focus and enjoy the moment.

    Until next time

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