Holidays are Made for Workouts…Really!

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That means more time spent running around as well as more time spent lounging around the house, mostly before and after meals, right?

Wrong…because the holidays are a great time NOT to lounge around doing nothing but to instead, get your workout in. Whether it be the extra cardio – yes, zipping around the mall counts – or making use of that “lounging” time by hitting your gym or local community center for a quick 20 minute workout, just do it. That’s right, it’s easier to get your workout in during the holidays because who really wants you standing around the kitchen or taking up space in the living room hours before the meal. That’s how I look at it, squeeze every workout or group class or Tola Yoga class into your schedule, no matter where you are, and make that time all about maintaining your strong body – clear mind. No doubt good health always triumphs over bad. So make it good.

And if you need a little inspiration for some additional get up and go…or if you really need to Get Your Sh#! Together then watch my two films, Skateboard Bandits and Zen Diaries: The Lockdown. Sometimes we all could use a swift kick in the butt from badass attorney turned yoga master, Bobby D’Angelo.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone, and get your workout in! Peace – R