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Creative & Dynamic Tola Yoga Class #7 by Lake Michigan

Thanks again to my amazing and enchanting Yoga students Vika Lvova, Amy Johnson, Rhonda Carlson and Lauren Accardi for another great Tola Yoga class…by the Lake! And a special thanks to our very wonderful &¬†very steady camera woman, Patrice Anne Davies ūüôā Enjoy – R

Stretch, Balance & Sweat with Tola Yoga Class #5

Another day, another workout has been my motto for the past 40 years. Now how about a new one for the next 40 years…Another week, another Tola Yoga class!

That said, here’s another challenging 45 min¬†Yoga class from yesterday¬†LIVE on Periscope with my lovely student Stephanie Loo. Have an awesome week everyone, and see you next time!

Yoga Anytime and Anywhere with Tola Yoga

Too busy to visit your gym or Yoga studio today?

No worries!¬†Here’s another challenging and creative 45 minute¬†Tola Yoga class with my dear friend and Chicago native, Rhonda Carlson. Treat yourself to our strong and¬†detoxifying¬†Yoga class…Anytime and Anywhere! And have a positive-ly amazing day! Peace¬†– R

Tola Yoga definitely puts a Spark in your Day!

Another strong Tola Yoga class yesterday with my amazing student Lauren Accardi, who by the way, has been practicing for only 6 months. Check-it out & put a fat-burning spark in your day!

Follow updates on Twitter and tune-in this Sunday at 11a (CT) for another LIVE class. Peace РR

GYST #18: Wax-on, Wax-off

Here’s a¬†tribute episode to the inspirational film from 1984, The Karate Kid, that rocked the world and taught us that Wax-on, Wax-off¬†was all¬†about learning the fundamentals and building a strong foundation.

GYST #6: Proper Gym Etiquette

Don’t get caught doing something stupid like gawking at all the beautiful bodies (and butts) in the gym…know your Proper Gym Etiquette!

100 Cities in 100 Days

Coming Soon!!! Rich Tola’s Fat Burn America Tour: 100 Cities in 100 Days

Check out the full length Hollywood Sneak Peek. We’ll be doing this in every City!