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Stay Zen #12: Super Stair Exercises

You’re steps away from getting your workout in…literally. Anybody can get a great stretch and increase their heart-rate no matter where you are – so long as there’s a set of stairs around.

Check-out my Super Stair Exercises and take it one step at a time. Peace – R

GYST #4: Stop Futurizing

Stop talking about what you are GOING to do, like break-up with your sex buddy or start your own business – and take action today!

GYST #3: The Lost Art of Tipping

If you’ve ever worked as a bartender or server, you’ll love this. Because most people don’t have a clue when it comes to tipping. Are you one of them?

GYST #2: Forgettabout “I used to”

Forgettabout using that infamous phrase “I used to” when it comes to health & fitness. Stop resting on your workout laurels of yester-year, and get it together today!

Stay Zen #6 – Top 5 Super Set Exercises

Anyone can get a great full-body workout with my Top 5 Super Set Exercises. Super sets are quick and effective and give your muscles a “super” pump by combining two different exercises consecutively – without taking a break in between. Enjoy – R

Get Fit. Live Healthy. Lose Inches. Stay Zen.
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Stay Zen #4 – 10 Ways to Workout with a Stool

Still wondering if you should give away that little stool you have stashed in the closet?

Don’t be a stooly…workout with it!

Check out the latest episode of Stay Zen, 10 Ways to Workout with a Stool, where you can Get Fit, Live Healthy, Lose Inches and Stay Zen. Enjoy – R