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GYST #27: Find Your Bliss (with Yoga)

Looking for a way to find great joy or happiness in your life (i.e, your Bliss)? What about Yoga, and more specifically, what exactly is this 6,000 year-old Hindu philosophy that prescribes a course of physical and mental disciplines defined by the Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limbs of Yoga?

GYST #25: How to Move in Less Than a Week

Did you know that moving ranks up there with death of a spouse and divorce when it comes to life’s most stressful events? No worries, because anyone can G-Y-S-T and relocate to a new city within a week…stress-free!

GYST #22: Specificity Rules

Are you a clear communicator? Are you someone who’s effective and efficient in everything you do? If not, then simply your life and get rid of the fat…because Specificity Rules!

GYST #21: Don’t Be A Storm Cloud

Here are 10 great reasons to ditch that Storm Cloud disposition and wipe that frown off your face so you can spread the Power of Positive Feelings with a great big SMILE 🙂

GYST #17: Manifest Good Health

Take a positive approach to your body and your health by manifesting it, i.e., make it happen. Anybody can…GYST do it!

GYST #15: Don’t Be A Broken Record

It’s time you start manifesting good luck energy and getting rid of all negativisms, especially ones that have you repeating the same thing over and over again…like a Broken Record.

GYST #14: Don’t Be A Creep

You won’t believe what this creep did on a first date. Be respectful Guys…Get Your S#!T Together and keep it non-creepy!