Ode to Robin Williams

Every so often, a kindred spirit comes along,

To make us believe, that every one of us belongs.

He stands his ground, to be laughed at from afar,

Or is he just behaving, like he’s singing in his car.

Because the joys of laughter, are keen pleasures to delight,

He accepts the Almighty’s work, and shines them like sunlight.

Be it true, Bicentennial Man, that your words are meant to heal,

Thus every single one of us, in your presence we should kneel.

For it is you, oh great one, who persevered when few believed,

To blaze a path for brethren souls, where our dreams can be conceived.

We thank you for your brilliance, we applaud you for your zeal,

Kudos for all the memories, because you doubtlessly made us feel.

Rest in Peace, Sir Robin Williams, and no worries about lucky seven,

Because for sure you’ll keep them laughing, at the pearly Gates of Heaven.

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