Stay Zen #11 – Best Automobile Exercises

Need a little neck and back relief from sitting in that rigid car seat for too long? Or perhaps your plane, train or bus is delayed and you really need to stretch it out.

No worries, because my Best Automobile Exercises are quick and to the point, and they get the job done. And if you try any of these exercises while in a moving vehicle – and obviously, never when you’re the one driving – be very careful and always wear your seatbelt.  Enjoy – R

GYST: Get Your S#!T Together – Episode 1

I know what you’re thinking.

Here’s another no-nonsense East coast dude ranting and raving about getting your so-called shit together when it comes to everything from dating to fitness to landing that dream job.

You’re right…but in a good way.

Because everything from your social life, to your business life, to keeping yourself healthy and fit can be improved upon by really having your act together. Albeit, a much softer way of saying Get Your S#!T Together (GYST), the not-so inconspicuous name of my new podcast.

Enjoy – R


GYST #1: Get It Together

I know what you’re thinking. Here’s another no-nonsense East coast dude ranting about getting your life together when it comes to everything from dating to fitness. You’re right…but in a good way.