Have a Micro Presence with a Macro View

It’s always best to Be Present in everything you do, that is to say, have a Micro Presence. But it’s also best to set timely goals and have a big picture take on your life, and that is to say, with a Macro View.

Especially when it comes to business and fitness. Unless you’re independently wealthy or already retired, then just focus on the fitness part. And since you’ve already set your business goals – if not then get to it – let’s focus on fitness. Which includes getting on the scale – if you haven’t already – and setting a 5 pound range for yourself to maintain throughout 2020. That’s once you get to your ideal body weight, so get there quick. And if you need some inspiration, check out STAY ZEN: Episode #5 – Who’s afraid of the big bad scale? Because anyone can maintain a healthy and desirable weight.

So every morning get on the scale – yes that’s EVERY single morning – and keep that number within a 5 pound range or you’ll need to Self Correct. Remember that concept from my memoir, argumentive essay on mind-brain identity theory go site https://www.aestheticscienceinstitute.edu/medical/does-viagra-make-your-heart-beat-faster/100/ viagra age em quanto tempo percentage men over 50 viagra click here american concise document edition essay foreign in major problem relations custom assignment ghostwriting sites https://eagfwc.org/men/viagra-can-be-used-for-premature-ejaculation/100/ https://norfolkspca.com/medservice/are-crestor-and-rosuvastatin-the-same-thing/14/ censorship essay contest for inn https://ramapoforchildren.org/youth/if-i-could-relive-one-day-of-my-life-essay/47/ celebrex cap 200 mg short business plan sample https://amaanahservices.org/support/alcohol-is-bad-for-health-essay-example/58/ https://library.citytech.cuny.edu/podcast/article.php?publish=assistance-for-essay ang aking karanasan essay scholarships an essay on elephant master thesis black scholes go to link doxycycline online usa generic proscar india follow url best drugstore mascara https://themilitaryguide.org/14days/cathinone-essay/55/ aerobic essay question respiration best critical analysis essay writing service for college cornell johnson school essays https://aaan.org/indications/compare-generic-lipitor-to-crestor/27/ bob mcdonnell thesis paper follow site 100 word essay length Simply Between Millions: From Wall Street to Hollywood, from Chapter 67. A fan favorite and no doubt one of mine. In this case Self-Correct would be to eat more good foods (or whatever you want for that matter) to maintain or gain if you’re at the low end of your range – in my case 145 – or completely fast a full-day if you’re at the top – for me that’s 150. Easy peasy, then you’re back on track. No BS..it works. Today I was 146, so bring it on!

As for the exercising part, well just do as I do…and do it everyday. That’s correct. We’re 15 days into the new year and fortunately I’m 15 for 15. Bodybuilding at the gym, doing yoga poses, stretches and abs, plus walking 5+ miles every day and teaching two Tola Yoga classes a week. And no worries if you’re less than perfect or even 0 for 15, just start tomorrow and go 350 for the remaining 350 days. You can do it, so just believe you can and try. With all the aches and pains in my body, if I can do it, anyone can.

Have an awesome 2020 everyone, and get your workout in. Peace – R

No judgment

In my opinion, this is the most important lifestyle and yoga principle that everyone should embrace.  And I truly dislike that word should because it implies that one is projecting their personal standards and opinions upon another.  But in this case it applies.  Because whether or not you did or didn’t do something, like shirking a responsibility, or not working out, or partying too much, or being mean to your parents or your dog, well, forget about it and don’t judge yourself for doing it.  It’s in the past and every new moment gives you a new beginning.  No reason to waste energy, effort and feelings on something you can’t change.  Especially when it comes to other people.  Because for sure we can’t change what others do or say.  And why should we or even want to?  That’s what makes life interesting.  The uniqueness of people we meet who impact our lives and help us evolve in whatever subtle or major way.  All this coming from a guy who was once the life of the party who also judged.  Believe me, anyone can change at any given moment, if you really want to.  Or like my father used to say to me in baseball, “you gotta wanna bunt”.  So let go of any judgment you may have for anything you did today or this holiday season.  And I’ll see you tomorrow.  R