Tola Talks w/ NY Times Best Selling Author Jen Sincero


Tola Talks with the NY Times best selling author & success coach, Jen Sincero. Her book, You Are a Badass, is all about “how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.” On Top 10 Tuesdays, Rich details his Top 10 Ways to Be A Badass Everyday plus talks about the US Air Force & unmanned space planes, China box-office data & social media transparency, severe weather & tornados in the Southeast, Ebola & new infections, and GYST Awards & the NFL (again). Weekdays on

Tola Talks with NY Times best selling author and success coach, Jen Sincero.
Tola Talks with NY Times best selling author, Jen Sincero.

GYST: Get Your S#!T Together – Episode 1

I know what you’re thinking.

Here’s another no-nonsense East coast dude ranting and raving about getting your so-called shit together when it comes to everything from dating to fitness to landing that dream job.

You’re right…but in a good way.

Because everything from your social life, to your business life, to keeping yourself healthy and fit can be improved upon by really having your act together. Albeit, a much softer way of saying Get Your S#!T Together (GYST), the not-so inconspicuous name of my new podcast.

Enjoy – R