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Tola Talks with Yoga Teachers Linda Baffa & Jessi Harper


Tola Talks with two incredible Yoga babes, Linda Baffa and Jessica Harper. On Wellness Wednesdays, Rich also discusses his definition of The Art of Yoga. Weekdays on youtube.com/tolatalks.

Tola Talks' Rich Tola with LA's South Bay Yogini's Linda Baffa and Jessica Harper

Tola Talks’ Rich Tola with LA’s South Bay Yogini’s Linda Baffa and Jessica Harper


GYST #27: Find Your Bliss (with Yoga)

Looking for a way to find great joy or happiness in your life (i.e, your Bliss)? What about Yoga, and more specifically, what exactly is this 6,000 year-old Hindu philosophy that prescribes a course of physical and mental disciplines defined by the Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limbs of Yoga?