Tip of the Iceberg

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Sore in a good way

Saturday's Fat Burning Workout

After my workout this morning I ran into a friend who just started doing my 15 Minute Fat Burning Workouts.  I would describe this twenty-something gal as rather solid, with about 25 pounds excess weight.  She told me she started with Tuesday’s Workout – which happens to be one of the more challenging ones – and that she was “sore in a good way”.  For someone who doesn’t workout much – or at all – being sore was certainly a good thing.  It means the workouts are affecting her muscles in a fatiguingly positive way, opening them up to receive new energy and nutrients, thus making them stronger and firmer.  It’s the sore in a good way feeling that burns fat and conditions the muscles for future workouts, allowing that soreness to diminish over time.  Because that soreness does go away folks.  Although it may return from time to time based on where your body is on any given day – a topic for a future blog – your muscles become accustomed to the workouts and respond more amicably, i.e., no soreness.  So don’t get worried or discouraged, and certainly don’t stop working out just because of a little discomfort.   Always remember: pain is bad, soreness is good.  Enjoy the good with the bad and get your workout in today.  And I’ll see you tomorrow.  R