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Creative & Dynamic Tola Yoga Class #7 by Lake Michigan

Thanks again to my amazing and enchanting Yoga students Vika Lvova, Amy Johnson, Rhonda Carlson and Lauren Accardi for another great Tola Yoga class…by the Lake! And a special thanks to our very wonderful &¬†very steady camera woman, Patrice Anne Davies ūüôā Enjoy – R

Tola Talks Six Degrees of Fifty Shades – Movie Review

Tola Talks about the record-setting blockbuster, Fifty Shades of Grey, and the 6 reasons why women love this story – Six Degrees of Fifty Shades. Plus, Happy President’s Day everyone and a special celebrity shout-out to the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live for 40 years of greatness!

Weekdays on youtube.com/tolatalks. Social: @richtola

Tola Talks with Singer/Songwriter Cooper Phillip


Tola Talks with the beautiful & talented singer/songwriter, Cooper Phillip. On Acoustic Fridays, Rich interviews 21 year-old Cooper who plays two songs from her EP, Walk a Mile, and discusses going for her dreams and her heartfelt journey from Russia four years ago. Rich also talks about earthquakes, the San Francisco Giants, building dream-homes on the wrong property, mild winter forecasts, President Obama & the Ebola Czar, Brad Pitt & his new film Fury, Ms. Science Babe & her homeopathic experiments, plus GYST Awards & Hunter Biden.

Weekdays on youtube.com/tolatalks

Tola Talks' Rich Tola with SInger/Songwriter, Cooper Phillip

Tola Talks’ Rich Tola with Singer/Songwriter, Cooper Phillip

Tola Talks with Award-Winning Actress Alex Lombard


Tola Talks with the beautiful and talented award-winning Actress Alex Lombard. On Throwback Thursdays, Rich remembers his high school days and the challenges facing the world in 1979. Watch weekdays on youtube.com/tolatalks.

Tola Talks' Rich Tola with award-winning actress, Alex Lombard.

Tola Talks’ Rich Tola with award-winning actress/writer/director, Alex Lombard.

Take compliments to Heart

Oftentimes we receive compliments from friends or people we recently met, and just let them slide off us without really absorbing their energy. ¬†That is to say, really taking compliments to heart and warming yourself with the admiration. ¬†Especially guys. ¬†We can easily prefer criticisms to compliments because of our male conditioning. ¬†But it’s OK for anyone to basque in the moment of the compliment. ¬†Like what happened to me this morning. ¬† I saw a friend in the gym I haven’t seen in a while who complimented me on my film, Boulevard Zen, and my 100 days of blogs when she went on about how she loved the film’s characters, and my “totally¬†believable”¬†girlfriend, and my “powerful blogs”, until she finally said, “And you know what Rich Tola, you got heart.” ¬†Now that made my day. ¬†And why shouldn’t it, right? ¬†So take note and absorb that positive energy. ¬†Take compliments to Heart! ¬†And enjoy firming your Core & Abs as we countdown with my 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout #99 – Core Power II. ¬†– R

Try something different

I was inspired by my sister this morning when she said, “sometimes it’s good to just try something different”. ¬†She was speaking about a situation that turned positive for her once she tried something different. ¬†I agreed. ¬†Because oftentimes a fresh approach will give you that winning formula. ¬†Whether it be that dream job you desire, or that daily fitness program you’ve been thinking about. ¬†So try something different with today’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout #60 – Beautify Those Buns II. ¬† Happy Easter! ¬†Enjoy – R

Fitness in a bottle

When asked about fitness, the Goddess of Pop¬†Cher once said, “If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body”. ¬†No doubt. ¬†Except the universe – or anyone else for that matter – has yet to provide us with fitness in a bottle. So, the next best thing is to do something fitnessrelated everyday. ¬†Even for just 5 minutes. ¬†Because once you’re set with a daily fitness program, your body will crave it and your mind will become conditioned to do it, thus, it becomes easy. ¬†Well, maybe not easy, but for sure it becomes easier to workout every day since you’ve now created a new and rewarding routine. ¬† But don’t take my word for it – try it out for yourself. ¬†And I’ll see you next time – R