Now Teaching at the InterContinental Hotel


Hey everyone, come take a Tola Yoga class at Attitude Fitness DTLA, located on the 7th Floor of the InterContinental Hotel at the Wilshire Grand Center in downtown Los Angeles

Join me every Tuesday at 6:15p and Thursday at 5:15p – available to Attitude members and hotel guests as well as you can find it on ClassPass.

Tola Yoga is a modern-day style of yoga that stretches and strengthens every muscle in your body from head to toe.


Created by fitness and yoga master, Rich Tola, all students from beginner to advanced are challenged with a well-balanced and no doubt sweaty class comprised of five equal parts: yoga stretches, abdominals, balancing, core strengthening and foundation poses. Every Tola Yoga workout focuses on precision of posture and alignment and is committed to keeping you strong, flexible and injury-free.

Also teaching a donation class every Saturday from 9-10a in Chinatown located at 808 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles 90012. Email for more details and have an awesome day!

Peace – R

Reader Book Review – Simply Between Millions

SimplyBetweenMillionsPostcardCover copy

Thank you Andrea from PA, for the stunning review on Amazon (see below).

Per your request, one day I’ll make this into “a great inspirational movie” with the legendary Michael Douglas playing my father – a role perfect for him! Peace – R

Simply Between Millions is a quick and addictive page turner about a guy who seems very charismatic, very smart and very passionate with an impressive range of interests, talents and knowledge. The book is a great example of how it’s never too late to follow your heart, in spite of what others expect of you or think of you!

Rich Tola’s book is an entertaining autobiography that would make a great inspirational movie! I was inspired to google the authors’ videos while reading his book and, in addition to being amazed by his physical strength, I was amazed by his similarities to the great actor Michael Douglas…their voices, inflection and engaging charm are very similar! Perhaps Douglas could play Tola’s father in a movie version of the book!

I would love for the author to write another book that expands on his work
with teaching yoga to women and children in domestic violence shelters. He dedicates a few pages to this topic and it was so heartwarming that I really wanted to read more chapters about it.

Congratulations to the author for a compelling “first book” and I look forward to reading your next one!!! Ben Franklin and Jack LaLanne would be proud of you!”

Andrea from PA!

Tola Yoga in Chinatown, LA

RichTolaYogaTeacherI’m back.

Of course Arnold said it best in the 1984 blockbuster, The Terminator, but for my devout yoga students in LA, I’m sure these words are music to their ears. And they can be for you too, if you’re into getting a great yoga workout!

Join us every Saturday from 9-10a for a challenging Tola Yoga class, and remember to bring your mat, towel and water. It’s also a donation class, so give what you can. Address: 808 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 – enter on Alameda Street about 100 feet north of Alpine Street (with free street parking along Alameda).

And for anyone new to my fitness style of yoga, Tola Yoga is a strong workout affecting every muscle in your body and is comprised of 5 equal parts: Yoga Stretches, Balancing, Abdominals, Core Strengthening and Foundation Poses.

Have an awesome day everyone, and I’ll see you on the mat. Peace – R