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Tola Talks 2014 & the Top 10 Movies of the Year

Tola Talks about Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, the US Congress and raising the minimum wage, shark attacks in Australia, teenagers crashing in older and smaller cars, and a 1967 Ford Mustang recovered after being stolen 28 years ago. On Top 10 Tuesday, Rich also gives us his Top 10 Movies of the Year. Weekdays on youtube.com/tolatalks. Follow on all Social: @richtola

Tola Talks Top 10 Movie Cars of All-Time


Tola Talks the Umbrella Revolution plus guys, beers and their muscle cars.  On Top 10 Tuesdays, Rich and Jo discuss The Top 10 Movie Cars of All-Time with his Dad, aka “Richie The Barber”. Watch weekdays on youtube.com/tolatalks.

Tola Talks' Rich Tola talking Top Ten Movie Cars of All-time with Jo (and his Dad).

Tola Talks’ Rich Tola talking Top Ten Movie Cars of All-time with guest co-host, Johanna “Jo” Mantilla.

GYST #8: Obey the Law

Are you one of those drivers who likes to roll through intersections without coming to a complete stop? Then you better G-Y-S-T and Obey the Law!

Stay Zen #11 – Best Automobile Exercises

Need a little neck and back relief from sitting in that rigid car seat for too long? Or perhaps your plane, train or bus is delayed and you really need to stretch it out.

No worries, because my Best Automobile Exercises are quick and to the point, and they get the job done. And if you try any of these exercises while in a moving vehicle – and obviously, never when you’re the one driving – be very careful and always wear your seatbelt.  Enjoy – R