RichTola-Chaturanga2015For the past 10 years, Rich Tola has taught more than 25,000 Yoga students in over 2,000 classes throughout the United States. Rich’s passion for fitness and healthy living has thrived for the past half-century, including 40 years of weightlifting and 11 years of Yoga. His penchant for changing the world continues to flourish with his new Reality TV series, YogaStyles of Rich and the Almost Famous. His mission is to inspire and entertain audiences everywhere with his unique, workout style of Tola Yoga, and more specifically, with his one simple mantra: Yoga…Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Since becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2006, Rich has produced nearly 30 hours of instructional Fitness & Yoga videos including his film, Boulevard Zen (2009); three DVDs, Yoga-to-Go, Rich Tola’s Yoga Survival Guide and Rich Tola’s 15 Minute Fat Burning Workouts; two Web Series, Stay Zen and Rich Tola’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts; plus his recent Tola Yoga classes & lessons, as well as a special 10-episode “How-to” series for In 2009, Rich also founded a charity to teach the benefits of Yoga to women and children survivors of domestic violence, The Boulevard Zen Foundation.

From Investment Banker to Entertainer/Yogi, Rich has traveled the globe and seen it all. From humble beginnings in Trenton, NJ, the son of an old-school Sicilian barber, he received his BSE from The University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School) and his MBA from Northwestern University (The Kellogg School of Management).

Rich is also a trained actor who studied with renown acting coaches in NYC and LA including Susan Batson, Roberta Wallach, Penny Templeton, Carl Ford, Greg Braun and Will Wallace. His most notable role was the “hot-and-sweaty Yoga teacher” for Morgan Fairchild, Joan Van Ark & Andrea Parker on My Name is Earl (2009).

In 2012, Rich published his “inspirational and extremely heartfelt” memoir, Simply Between Millions: From Wall Street to Hollywood. He also hosted a radio talk show Tola Talks, and produced a 30-episode podcast,  Get Your SH!T Together before becoming a Stand-up comedian in 2015.

In the 80’s Rich was an All-Ivy League baseball player who worked for Wall Street juggernauts Goldman Sachs and Drexel Burnham Lambert before living in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia as an International Bank Consultant. In the 90’s he was a top-producing New York City Real Estate Broker and high-flying internet entrepreneur. In the early 2000’s before moving to Hollywood in 2007, he was an award-winning Real Estate Developer specializing in the redevelopment of Historic Landmark properties in inner-city neighborhoods.

Today Rich can be found teaching private and public Tola Yoga classes in Seattle.

Rich is also represented theatrically in Chicago by Emily Rabinowitz of BMG Talent Group. | |

Mindie music video compilation of Yoga poses throughout the streets of Hollywood.

Hosting and performing at Two Hearted Queen in Chicago on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Music Video for “Life’s Boulevard”, the theme song to Boulevard Zen.

Teaching at a domestic violence shelter for The Boulevard Zen Foundation.

Actor Reel (2011)